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...AND FAIL!!!
I rule.

Current Residence: Somewhere Out There
Favourite genre of music: Rock!
Operating System: Brain
Shell of choice: Lobster
Skin of choice: Just the one I've got :)
Personal Quote: "If you cant beat 'em your not hitting hard enough"(totally kidding no violence plz!)
  • Mood: Peaceful
  • Listening to: Cage the Elephant
  • Reading: The Garden of the Moon
  • Watching: Season of the Witch
  • Eating: FRUITS!
Hello there fellow devients and all my pumpkins of joy!!!
It has been too long.truly too long.
i do have an excuse as usual. feel free to accept or not accept it its your choice:
For those who hadnt noticed i really disliked my life where i used to live/go to school/my friends/ almost everything (if you are one of my friends that i DID like then you know who you are). So thankfully before this school year i successfully got accepted to a new school far away from my old one and my old home. My family and i also happened to move to the area but despite the closness my school makes everyone dorm. yes you heard that correctly:dorm. Now some of you out there must be saying to yourself:dorm? why in your right mind would you CHOOSE to go to a dorm instead of coming home after everyday of school and eating your mother's food and sleeping in your own bed?
well heres the answer: I.Dont.Know.
i really dont know why i wanted to go to a dorm i think i partially wanted to leave home and get a feel for doing things my self.
Well whatever the reason in the begnning of the school year i packed up my books and my bags and headed out to school. now let me tell you in one word  how i felt about this new dorm and school experience: AMAZING.
There is no other word.
I love it.
And im the type of person who always hates school no matter what. School and i dont have a good relationship AT ALL. and yet i find my self finally happy to be somewhere. happy to be accepted happy to do what i like and be praised and encouraged to continue.
Now dont get me wrong this isnt a school for kids with issues or anything. its just a normal school but it is further upwards from where i used to live and near the coast. maybe its something in the water im not sure but the kids here are a lot nicer and more friendly.
For example, when i got to the school one of the first weeks i saw two girls sitting down at dinner. one girl was a kinda a nerd. i had met her and she seemed really nice but she was anerd plain and simple. the other girl was cooler,more of a rebel with peircings and stuff and the nerdy girl comes and askes the other girl if she could sit next to her. now what i was used to was the pther girl would either be super mean or just say no im saving this seat for someone else...but she didnt. She pulled out the chair and said"sure".
Simple as that. people here like eachother more and even if they dont they act very friendly. Ive made a ton of new friends that i actually like unlike a lot of my old friends not only in my school but in my new home as well.
i come home every thursday night and i met a lot of people in my new town also totally accomadating and sweet people who really seem to enjoy my company.
i am so happy for the first time in a long time...
oh i just realized i got super off topic the main point of all of this is that the reason i havent been on deviantart is because i am in dorm. our computers are super protected and deviant art doesnt work which sucks.
i also have been super busy with tests and starting last week finals. yes we started already.
so my art has not been practiced and my account has not been checked.
anyway just thought i would fill whoever is still out there in and let you all know that im still alive and hoping to do a lot of new works real soon
Peace out bros!
P.s. did you guys see madonna t the superbowl? that woman is such an amazing performer!!!! my appriciation for her went from like practically nothing to way up there in the skys...:)

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